Tuesday, March 29, 2005

National Park Cahuita: natural paradise

The Cahuita National Park, located in the Caribbean area of the country, became one of the most important natural paradises in the world.

Inside this national park one of the most important biological corridors in the country highlights.
Also, Cahuita has one from the most important coralline reefs to world level.

But, the natural scenario of Cahuita doesn't finish there, because few kilometers later are Puerto Vargas, a beach of white sand, where the tourist besides delighting of the climate that characterizes the Caribbean enjoys a place full with tranquility.

This Park National, with more than 100 hectares of virgin forest, has tours organized by the same neighbors of Cahuita who invite the tourists to know one of the most beautiful natural sanctuaries in the country while offering the best prices.

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