Friday, August 19, 2005

Tortuguero breaks spawning record

The Channels of TortugueroThe Tortuguero Conservation Area, located in the province of Limon on the Atlantic coast, 84 km northwest of Limon, is forecasting that this will be the highest spawning season for the last 50 years.

According to the most recent records, the greatest arrival of turtles happened on the year of 1998, when in just one night over 2.300 of these animals were recorded laying their eggs.

As accounts for this year, this figure has already been surpassed; the normal behaviour is that the spawning peak is reached by the end of August and beginnings of September.
The organizations protecting turtles are making a call so the population participates in the conservation of the species. The idea is raising awareness on the population about the importance of this wonderful process.

On this conservation area takes place the reproductive cycle of the leatherback turtle, the largest in the world, and of the hawksbill turtle.

The Tortuguero Conservation Area includes several protected areas, like the Tortuguero National Park and the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge. Together they have an extension of over 110 hectares.

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