Monday, August 29, 2005

What to bring to Costa Rica

When coming to Costa Rica a camera is definitely a must.When travelling to Costa Rica for adventure and ecological tourism make sure to bring:

-One good flashlight, normal size (This is a must)
-Locks for all parts of your pack (Another must)
-Camera (Yet another must)
-One pair of hiking shoes, one pair of tennis shoes, and sport sandals for water
-Two short sleeve, quick-dry shirts with lots of pockets
-One quick-dry long sleeve shirt, one pair quick-dry long pants
-One pair of shorts with pockets
-Bathing suits
-Four pairs of quick dry socks (white cotton tube socks do not dry overnight!)
-One large REI type towel
-Gortex rain coat
-A photocopy of your passport's front page (the one that identifies you as the holder)
-Collapsible bottle of water
-Pocket calculator ( to make currency calculations)

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