Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Costa Rican movie in contention for Oscar

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Movies from a record 58 countries are in contention for this year's foreign-language Academy Award, including the first entries ever from Iraq, Costa Rica and Fiji.

The previous record was 56 films for the 2003 Oscars. Each country is allowed to submit one film.

From Costa Rica comes director Esteban Ramirez's "Caribe," about oil development that threatens a tropical paradise.

Caribe played for over 12 weesk in Costa Rican box offices, where it far surpassed any other Costa Rican-made movie in sales and critical praise. It was also lavished with international awards, including four in Spain's 2004 Huelga film festival, where it was given the people's choice award for the best movie, and has shown well in film festivals throughout Latin America.

Information from the AP and the Tico Times was used for this blog entry

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