Friday, November 18, 2005

The City of Witches

The name Escazu derives from the indigenous word "Izt-kat-zu", which means "resting stone". The first inhabitants were natives from the Huetar or Huaca tribes.

Escazu is called "The City of the Witches", which explains its soccer club name and logo (which you can see on the left).

According to legend, all the witches of Escazu are "good witches". Several historians have looked at the tradition and suggested the reputation comes from the use of herbs and blends, prepared by the indian "witches" to cure all kind of ailments. They also dispensed mysterious love potions and magic objects to repeal the evil.

With thearrival of peasants from Galicia, Spain, the marriage of the old traditions and the indian legends gave birth to the late 19th century stories and characters that can be found in today´s literature.

Escazu is less than 5 miles west from downtown San Jose. It takes only about 25 minutes to drive to the Juan Santamaria International Airport.

The climate is beautiful and mild all year round, and the tropical rainy season (locally called "winter") lasts from April to November.

There are some neighborhoods where the residents are predominantly foreigners , because this beautiful areahas attracted people from North America, Europe and Asia. (Info provided by the The Rotary Club of Escazu)

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