Wednesday, November 09, 2005

San Jose designated Hispanic American capital of culture in 2006

On October 27th our capital was acknowledged as the Hispanic American Capital of Culture for 2006.

San Jose will be the meeting point of music, art, culture and fraternity among the Hispanic American Countries. The capital will offer a series of activities –such as the International Arts’ Festival- and other cultural gatherings will begin in January and end on December of the coming year.

These cultural activities want to promote the integration of Hispanic American peoples, and to make known the cultural and intellectual richness of this city.

To Johnny Araya, Mayor of San Jose, “our capital cities, possess a series of characteristics that grant them their own identity, not defined in their streets, monuments or public spaces, but rather by the people’s identities.”

The declaratory received by San Jose as Hispanic American Capital of Culture 2006 opens a gateway to attract tourists interested in knowing about the culture of Costa Rica and of the Hispanic American countries. (Photo and text by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute)

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