Monday, January 30, 2006

Tico Times Online hacked!

This is how the page of the Tico Times Online looked monday morning.

by Uri Ridelman

The online version of the Costa Rican newspaper the Tico Times was hacked Monday morning by a group that called itself "HackTurk."
Avid Tico Times readers were probably shocked when, instead of getting the traditional Tico Times index page, were taken to a creepy page with the picture of an ugly turkish-looking guy extending his arm and hand as if to be kissed.
The page, which had a black background, displayed the message "Hacked by HackTurk." Although no reason for the attack was given, the group wrote the words "we come back," and left the email address ""
When asked how long it would take to restablish normal service to the page, Tico Times personel refused to give an specific hour, but acknowledged that a technician was already working on the situation and that normal access to the page would hopefully be restablished "later today."
The turkish words "Türk Irk'ı Sağolsun" were also on display but nobody knew their meaning.

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