Monday, February 27, 2006

Costa Rican presidential hopeful promises to obstruct CAFTA

Costa Rican presidential candidate Otton Solis, of the Partido Accion Ciudadana (PAC), addresses journalists after the Feb. 5 election. (AFP/Mayela Lopez)By Adam Thomson in San Jose
Financial Times

The leader of Costa Rica's second largest political party has vowed to obstruct efforts to ratify a 2004 free trade agreement between Central America and the US.

Otton Solis, a leftwing presidential candidate for the Citizens' Action party (PAC), said that Cafta, as the agreement is known, would "bankrupt Costa Rica's agricultural sector", and that fundamental changes to the text would have to occur before the treaty could be deemed acceptable.

Rejecting arguments from trade experts who insist that CAFTA cannot be renegotiated or modified, Mr SolĂ­s told the FT: "If the government does not renegotiate the agreement, we will vote against it."

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