Monday, February 13, 2006

Dealing with election results the Costa Rican way

Many people are still surprised at the calm reigning in Costa Rica despite the closely contested elections that has the top two candidtes in a deadlock. As a Costa Rican for me this was nothing extraordinary, as we Ticos are used to choose the peaceful and non-violent ways to solve our problems.

However, a lot of people familiar with Latin American politics wonder how Ticos manage to keep a peaceful environment despite the sometimes gloomy future caused by an unstable While Costa Ricans are still counting votes and waiting for the election results peacefully...economy that has to deal with the third largest inflation of the Americas.

To understand this a little better you may want to red this article written by John McPhaul of Reuters.

It gives readers a glimpse into the political culture of Costa Rica and the growing apathy many Ticos are feeling due to some recent corruption cases involving former presidents. ...Haitians are already fighting among themselves and with U.N peacekeepers.

Compare that, to this article writen by the AFP news Agency about the elections in Haiti and the growing chaos that the island is spiraling into, due to the election results. It's obvious that the crisis in Haiti stems from something a lot more complex than a voting controversy. A history of instability, corruption and violence has the country among the poorest of the world, while Costa Rica abolished its army and hasn't been involved in an armed conflict since 1948.

It's sad, but after reading both articles I thought it over and started to realize that maybe people in other countries are right, maybe what we have going on here is indeed something extraordinary.

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