Thursday, February 23, 2006

Picture of the day

Costa Rican presidential candidate from the Social Christian Unity Party, Ricardo Toledo (L), congratulates former Costa Rican President and candidate of the National Liberation Party (PLN) Oscar Arias at his home in San Jose, Costa Rica, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006. Official results Wednesday showed Oscar Arias won Costa Rica's presidential elections by 18,167 votes. Costa Rican elections officials weren't expected to formally declare a winner following the count of more than two weeks, any major election challenges are resolved. Voters have been waiting nearly two weeks for the results as officials hand counted all of the approximately 1.4 million votes cast in the Feb. 5 polling, in a laborious effort to determine the winner of one of the country's closest presidential races in history. (AP Photo/Kent Gilbert)

Unlike Otton Solis, Toledo has already recognized Arias as the unofficial winner of this election. Solis should learn from that and let the country move forward instead of filing for more complaints of fraud and irregularities that will take him, and the country nowhere.

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