Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Costa Rica loses eight places in global IT ranking

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By Uri Ridelman

Costa Rica ranked 69th in the "Networked Readiness Index" for 2005-2006, down eight places from the 61st position it occupied last year.

Costa Rica, which received a score of -0.37, is currently ranked third in Central America. El Salvador leads the way, ranked 59th; followed by Panama, ranked 66th; Guatemala, 98th; Honduras, 100th; and Nicaragua 112th.

Worldwide United States leads the way, followed by Singapore, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Canada, Taiwan, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

South America hosts the most advanced Latin American country in Chile, which ranked 29th. Brasil finished 52nd, Uruguay 65th, Argentina 71st, Venezuela 81st, Peru 85th, Ecuador 107th, Bolivia 109th, and Paraguay 113th.

In the Caribbean the leader is Jamaica, ranked 54th, Trinidad & Tobago 74th, Dominican Republic 89th and Guyana 111th.

Mexico, which received a score of -0.14, climbed five places to 55th.

The index of 115 economies is based on a survey of business executives and mesures the development of information and communications technology as ranked by the World Economic Forum.

The Networked Readiness Index (NRI) is a technological indicator that's important to make investment decisions. This index measures the propensity for countries to leverage the opportunities offered by information and communication technology (ICT) for development and increased competitiveness.

Rankings and stats provided by The World Economic Forum. Information from AFP newswires was used to write this article.

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I had a friend in college here in he US who was from San Jose. His Spanish was poetic.

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