Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oozing sewage pollutes "green" Costa Rica

A heron stands on debris-draped logs in the sewage and pollution-filled Tarcoles River in Tarcoles, Costa Rica April 5, 2006. (Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters)Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network

TARCOLES, Costa Rica (11 April 2006) - Tourists once flocked to the surf and wildlife of this tropical town on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, but the filth of a sewage-rich river that oozes through Tarcoles has driven them away.

This Central American nation is reputed to be one of the world's most environmentally friendly corners, helping to make it a top destination for international travelers.

But the lack of sewage treatment for most its people is typical of much of Latin America and other poor areas of the world, where improper sanitation poses health risks and destroys valuable resources.

Almost all the sewage from Costa Rica's urbanized central valley is pumped untreated upstream into the Tarcoles River.

"Fifteen years ago ... the town lived on tourism. Now it's a ghost town," said Diego Vargas, 39, owner of Crocodile Man Tours, a company that takes tourists up the river.

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Although this is a story 11 days old it still is worth reading. Wish I had found it online earlier, however with my vacations and everything I've been through since my family's car crash I hadn't had time to surf the net for interesting stories.

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Erin R. said...

You can set up Google news alerts for "Costa Rica"... I had this article sent to me awhile back. It may make your life a little easier...

Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful info in one spot! It's much appreciated.

Pura vida!


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