Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Costa Rica farmers win suit vs. DuPont

Dover, Del. (AP) - A group of Costa Rican fern growers received a multimillion-dollar award against DuPont Co. on Wednesday for damages to their crops caused by the fungicide Benlate.

A jury in Miami, Fla., returned the verdict against the Delaware-based chemical company on its fourth day of deliberations, agreeing with the plaintiffs that Benlate had damaged the ferns' underground stem systems, resulting in annual crop losses that continued for years.

Plaintiffs' attorney Don Russo said they relied on new scientific evidence suggesting that Benlate promotes excessive bacterial growth in plants it is used on, resulting in recurring losses in perennial crops such as leatherleaf ferns.

"It explains why the symptoms don't go away," Russo said.

DuPont spokesman Clif Webb said the company would appeal.

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