Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Costa Rican bishops: Davinci Code an offense to Christians

The position of the Costa Rican church was brought to light yesterday (May 15, 2006) in a press release, four days before the world premiere of the film.

By Uri Ridelman

The bishops of the Catholic Church of Costa Rica consider the movie "The Davinci Code," based on the book of the same name, an attack to Jesus and the Christians of the country because it offends the faith practiced by the majority of Costa Ricans.

According to the bishops, the movie does not present a healthy search for the truth, but it generates mistrust and confussion thru fantasies.

"We are facing a novel in which the author mixes the plot of the story with ideological and religious prejudices, and thus manipulates historical data thru myth and legend," state the bishops in their press relese.

The Davinci Code was written by Dan Brown. The book has caused controversy worldwide because the plot suggests that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children. Costa Rica, where the official religion of the State is Catholicism, has not been the exception.

For the Bishops, Dan Brown's claim that his book is based on actual facts is ridiculous because it is easy to find many historical imprecisions and out-of-context references that show a lack of knowledge of the history of the arts and a clear anti-ecclesiastical prejudice.

"To change the historical testimonies of Jesus as a person to defend hidden, ideological, religious and comercial intentions, is usually the path taken by those looking to make money at any cost," the bishops said in their press release.

They called on all the Christians of Costa Rica to react to the movie in a serene and constructive way to avoid falling in the game of those looking to profit from it.

Although the bishops stated that they are not calling for a boycott of the movie, they do want people to distinguish the truth from the simple fiction. To accomplish that the bishops are asking for all the priests and religious communities of the country to increase the instruction of the faithful because "only the truth shall make us free."

The leaders of the Costa Rican church also stated that the best way to face the offenses of the movie is by becoming real disciples and missionaries of Christ.

"Today, more than ever, lets announce Christ to the world, and give testimony of our faith thru a lifestyle inspired by He who is Way, Truth and Life," conclude the bishops.

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Erin R. said...

I get it... they're offended (as in, the whole Catholic church). But honestly, by making such a huge stink about it, they've made the movie into an even larger deal than in would have already been. Haven't they heard that "no publicity is bad publicity"??

Better to have just kept their mouths shut and let the absolutely abismal reviews from all the critics destroy the movie...

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