Monday, May 08, 2006

Costa Rican Presidents hugging

Costa Rican President-elect Oscar Arias, left, hugs outgoing President Abel Pacheco, at his presidential inauguration at the National Stadium in San Jose, Costa Rica, Monday, May 8, 2006.

This picture showing a sad Abel Pacheco and a beaming Oscar Arias may very well reflect the mood of the two political parties they represent. Arias and his National Liberation Party (PLN) begin a four year reign in our country. On the other hand Pacheco and the Chrstian Social Unity Party (PUSC) leave office marred by the corruption scandals that surround two former Costa Rican presidents: Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Rafael Angel Calderon.

PUSC not only ranked third in February's presidential election with just about 3.5% of the total votes, but barely won five out of 57 seats in the newly-elected Costa Rican Congress.

Despite being one of the two main Costa Rican parties for more than 20 years, many analysts consider this a blow that may have officially killed the PUSC as a Costa Rican political power.

Uri R.

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