Thursday, June 22, 2006

Costa Rica wants Iraq reference removed

Bruno StagnoSan Jose, Costa Rica (AP) - Costa Rica wants its name erased from the list of countries supporting the invasion of Iraq. But the United States says that's not possible.

The Costa Rican government initially supported the invasion, but public sentiment was never strong and polls show now that most Costa Ricans oppose the war.

Opponents of the fighting took the name issue to the country's Supreme Court, which ruled the references to support should be removed.

While the U.S. government removed the Central American nation from the list of the so-called "coalition of the willing" in 2004, it still appears in archive documents and on related Internet Web sites that haven't been updated.

"We are insisting through diplomatic routes that it be clarified our country was removed" from the list, Costa Rican Foreign Relations Minister Bruno Stagno told Radio Eco Thursday.

Stagno asked the U.S. government in May to ensure that the country's name was erased from all lists, but said the State Department told him on June 19 that wasn't possible.

U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica Mark Langdale, who delivered the response, said the list is part of the Web page's archives and appear in other parts of the Internet.

"Although they aren't correct anymore, they form part of the historic record and can't be modified or removed," he said. "We regret any confusion these archives have caused."

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Erin R. said...

Hmm... I personally think this is a load of crap. It's like the government & the ticos are saying, now that they have the benefit of hindsight, "oh no, WE never supported the invasion!"...

If you want to base a country's inclusion in the "Coalition of the Willing" on whether or not its people agreed/supported the invasion, then you should take the US off the list, as well. Many (most?) of us didn't support it then and an even larger percentage don't support it now. But that doesn't mean that our names should be stricken from the roles.

History teaches us what not to do in the future. If we wipe clean the records and eliminate evidence of our mistakes, how will we ever learn?

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