Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Costa Rican girl wins Fan of the Match award

Name: Viviana Meza Alvarado
Age: 16
Hometown: Heredia, Costa Rica
Match 18: Ecuador vs Costa Rica
Date: 15-Jun-2006
Venue: FIFA World Cup Stadium, Hamburg

This is the first time in Germany for Viviana who has travelled with her family from Central America.

They are spending two weeks here and have been lucky enough to get tickets for all three group games involving the Ticos.

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Even though we lost 3-0 I think it's pretty cool that a teenager from Tiquicia was chosen Fan of the Match. The new Fan of the Match award celebrates the passion of colourful supporters at every FIFA World Cup game. Football fans around the world will have a chance to vote for the Fan of the Tournament among the chosen winners of the Fan of the Match award. If you want to support Viviana visit this link and vote for her by recommeding how many stars you would give her. Maybe this girl can win the award and our country won't come back empty handed after all.

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