Saturday, June 03, 2006

Only 33 percent of Costa Rican students complete high school

Education Minister Leonardo Garnier - Photo by www.leonardogarnier.comSan Jose, Costa Rica - (Prensa Latina) Lack of resources, family problems and lack of interest in school classes have caused 53 percent of 17-year-old Costa Rican students to drop out, Costa Rican Education Minister Leonardo Garnier admitted Friday.

Garnier said it is shameful that only 33 percent of students complete secondary school, and between 20 and 30 percent of those who leave, do it because they are very poor and take low-paying jobs.

Students take an average of 9.4 years to graduate from secondary school, when they should do it in five years, Garnier pointed out.

Costa Rican statistics reveal that of 89,272 students who should be in school, there are only 42,267.

Assistant Education Minister Alejandrina Mata warned of the urgent need to improve quality, make classes more attractive and increase teacher preparation.

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