Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tico food now available online!

A typical plate of Gallo Pinto with a side order of scrambled eggs, tortilla and a slice of cheese. A favorite Costa Rican traditional dish.I finally was able to launch my latest blog: Tico Food, a blog where I'll bring you Costa Rican recipes, news about the Costa Rican food industry, information about its products and more.

Tico Food replaces "Tico Books" a blog which never really took off. I spoke with several American friends that live in Tiquicia and most of them told me that they would be more interested in learning how to prepare a Costa Rican dish (like Gallo Pinto, pictured) than finding out which books have been written by Costa Rican authors or what are the latest Costa Rican tourism books.

I find it pretty understandable because after all most Costa Rican authors write in Spanish and most of the American people I talked to can't read in Spanish. Besides,when they want to buy a Costa Rican tourism guide they can find out what the latest ones are on Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobles.

Therefore, I hope you find Tico Food useful and keep coming back to learn how to cook the Tico way. One note though, if you have problems preparing the dishes please don't ask me for advice. I'm a lousy chef and besides, I didn't write the recipes I am just sharing them with you. Good luck!

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