Monday, July 31, 2006

Ticos the happiest in Latin America

The World Map of Happiness of the University of Leicester, England, ranks the degree of happiness in 178 nations, according to a global survey.

Denmark ranked number one, followed by Switzerland and Austria. In Latin America, Costa Rica is first, even though it occupies the 13th slot in the world ranking.

The survey included interviewing over 80,000 people on topics related to happiness and satisfaction, as well as reports from several international agencies, including UNICEF, the CIA and the World Health Organization.

The answers to the interviews were supplemented with data pertaining to the quality of life, education and the health system.

The other nations that round up the top 10 happiest countries are: Iceland, The Bahamas, Finland, Sweden, Bhutan, Brunei and Canada.

Ireland occupied the 11th place, The Netherlands ranked 15th, while The United States came in at a surprisingly low 23rd.

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