Monday, August 14, 2006

Costa Rica: Over 1500 U.S passports stolen per year

San Jose, Costa Rica (La Nacion) - Costa Rica has become one of the nations where more U.S. passports are stolen, according to reports from the American Embassy here.

According to the information, the numbers surpass those of nations such as Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and France.

Even though data on those countries was not disclosed, the sources said that 1,558 U.S. passports had been stolen in Costa Rica last year.

Therefore, several recommendations were issued for bearers of U.S. passports, including that they carry only a photocopy of the original document.

Apparently, most of the cases of stolen documents result from the fact that tourists become too confident and do not take proper care of their documents and other belongings.

Meanwhile, Costa Rican law-enforcement agencies are developing operations to strengthen the protection of visitors.

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