Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why I oppose Daniel Ortega

Do you want to understand why I oppose Daniel Ortega so strongly?

If the article I wrote didn't make it clear enough for you, or if you just want to read more about this pathetic excuse for a politician, then you have to read the piece called "A tyrant returns to Managua."

It is a great article that will put it all together for you. It explains in detail how Ortega won this election, the atrocities he commited in his previous governement and what the future looks like with him in power once again. Here is an excerpt of the article for all of you.

A Tyrant Returns to Managua
By Investors Bussiness Daily

Daniel Ortega's near-certain return to power in Sunday's election is a new Marxist disaster for Nicaragua. For the rest of us, Ortega should be kept at arm's length as global forces send him their message.

It's a shame, because Nicaragua had a lot going for it. The Central American state is very poor, but it did have a free trade pact with the U.S. in the works, much of its national debt has been forgiven and its leaders were dreaming of a new cross-country canal to rival Panama's. It had even begun attracting foreign investment from Asia with factories ready to go up, as well as U.S. retirees seeking inexpensive paradise homes.

All of these advantages, along with $220 million in U.S. aid, stand to go down the tubes with the new Ortega presidency.

To read the whole article click here.

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Guillermo Pineda said...

Since Sandinistas and Daniel Ortega regain the power in Nicaragua the media has worried about the future of the country. However, I strongly believe that this worry should go beyond what it meant that Ortega had won the elections with a 38% or the counting votes.

Much more curious it is to read that the media thinks of Eduardo Montealegre as “THE businessman” when he was left with the second position with only 29% of the votes. And I make a strong emphasis on the word BUSINESSMAN that has been used to identify Mr. Montealegre.

On June 14, 2006 I atended a lecture of Mr. Montealegre at the Lehrman Auditorium in the Heritage Foundation and I had the opportunity of listening to his government proposal. I must tell you that mi first and last impression of the lecture was nothing more than what you could expect from a supposed “capitalist businessman” looking just for the right moment to implement his leftwing populist agenda.

Mr. Montealegre is nothing more than an opportunist who calls himself a businessman and he wisely used the menace of the return of Sandinism to the country as his main political agenda to gain some friends in the other side of the border, and surely in his own country.

While he surely is everything but a capitalist, his political speech is nothing more than the commonly used nowadays speech of a populist from the “moderate” left. A speech that wasn’t going to be of much help to the poor country, and a speech that has already been used by the so called “neo-liberals” to impose his opportunistic favoritism supposedly representing the capitalist right.

I believe it is time now to realize that Mr. Montealegre and many other candidates in the Latin American political arena are everything but capitalists or at least center right candidates.

Why? Because their sturdy speeches do nothing more but a hard and direct attack to what free market and capitalism really means, and to what being a businessman is defined by a dictionary. Even worse, those types of speeches are the ones that make a terrible and non-returnable damage to the weakest economies of America and the World.

At least, we know what to expect from the radical left. But sadly, with those that seem to be “friends of capitalism” we know anything to expect and make terrible decisions for their constituencies. While using a capitalist masquerade we know nothing about the “feudal-type governments” they create and how then so quickly they drain the treasuries of their governments.

With Ortega, Nicaragua Hill see in the next years a time of poverty and a dark future is at the end of its road. However, we know that now for sure. With Mr. Montealegre we would not have known anything until too late and the damages would have been maybe even worse that what we already know is going to happen.

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