Thursday, December 14, 2006

Punta Piedra Island is not for sale

By Uri Ridelman

Costa Rica's Punta Piedra Island, which has supposedly been sold by a company called Private Islands Online for the price of $1.5 million and is being sold by another company called Tropical Islands at a price of $6 million, is not for sale.

That's what Andres Murillo, the person who paid for a permit to use the island, said to Diario Extra yesterday during an interview regarding the alleged sale.

All this mess is the consequence of the illegal business of selling Costa Rican islands online, which is nothing but a scam.

Murillo said that about eight years ago he paid for a permit to use the island to the Municipality of Golfito, Puntarenas, and that permit still belongs to him. He's also in the process of getting a concession for the island.

He has spent about $385,000 in the legal process of obtaining the concession and once that's achieved he plans to keep it. He won't sell the concession because he plans to build condos to rent to foreign tourists.

"I have not sold anything," Murillo said to Diario Extra, "despite what people are saying on the Internet."

Murillo said that a while ago an American that claimed to live in Nicaragua visited the island and asked him if he could take photos of the place, something that he didn't oppose to, but he plans to keep the island.

"I have not sold it, and it's not for sale," Murillo added.

Costa Rican islands can under no circumstance be sold because they are not private property. The islands belong to the State of Costa Rica, therefore can only be given away in "concession" for up to 20 years. However, only the Legistlative Assembly (Congress) is authorized to legally offer the government's islands in concessions.

No private company can claim it can legally negotiate a Costa Rican island with a potential buyer nor accept funds for the sale of an island.

The whole issue of the Costa Rican islands for sale on the Web has created a stir in the Costa Rican Congress and several of its members are calling for a judicial investigation.

Message from Tiquicia's Blog Web master:
Despite what Murillo says ads about the sale of the island pop-up every day on the Web. Today I found this Web site offering the sale of Punta Piedra for a price of $1.3 million. The ad refers those interested in the island to one Mr. Jorge L. Chavez. A reader of this blog also told me about an ad for Gypsy Island on a Web site called Luxury Real Estate, where the island is listed at a price of $4.5 million.


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Mr. Cheyenne Morrison said...

I have the listing above for Gypsy Island, and I clearly tell any prospective investors that what they are "buying" is the rights, and that ownership belongs to the Costa Rican government.

If someone can provide me more details about the illegal "sale" of Punta Pieda I would be interested.

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