Saturday, December 16, 2006

Satisfaction with democracy increases

(La Nacion) - The percentage of Costa Ricans who declare themselves “satisfied” with democracy almost doubled in the last 12 months, when it went from 39 percent to 75 percent.

Costa Rica ranks second in Latin America, after Uruguay and ahead of Argentina, while Guatemala and Paraguay are last in the 18 nations studied.

The number of Ticos who believe in the power of vote “to change things” also increased, from 48 percent to 62 percent. These are the findings of the Latinbarometer, which has been done yearly since 1995 by Latinbarometer Corporation, a non-governmental organization.

The study also includes how much to the "right" or to the "left" citizens declare themselves, ranging from 0 for extreme left to 10 for extreme right, and Costa Ricans also place second, at 6.3, following the Dominicans at 7.1, while Uruguayans are the most leftist, at 3.4.

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