Tuesday, December 12, 2006

World's largest coffee museum to be built in Taiwan

Coffee farmer pouring out a basket of coffee cherries in the Alajuela region of Costa Rica. (Photo: Image Bank's Chase Jarvis for Getty Images)Taipei, Taiwan (Asia Pulse) - The world's largest coffee museum is scheduled to break ground Friday at an agricultural park belonging to the Council of Agriculture in southern Pingtung County, Taiping Coffee Biotech Co. executives said Monday.

The officials said the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park will be inaugurated on Friday, with a ground-breaking ceremony for the museum also held that day.

Ambassadors to Taiwan from such coffee-producing countries as Panama, Costa Rica and Malawi will be invited to attend the ceremony, they said.

They said the company's premises will cover an area of 6,600 pings (one ping equals 3.3 square meters) with 2,900 pings given over to the coffee museum, which will feature five theme parks.

They said the museum will combine a coffee biotech factory, tourism and leisure facilities, showcasing coffee culture as well as coffee-making equipment.

In addition to a detailed introduction to the history of drinking coffee, several world-renowned coffee brands in cooperation with the company will also provide coffee-producing equipment and coffee sets, they said, adding that some of the equipment is dated to four or five hundred years ago.

The museum will take about a year to complete and is scheduled to open to the public in 2008, the officials said.

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