Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oscar Arias regrets Chavez' invested powers

( - The special ruling powers granted Wednesday to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are "the denial of democracy," said Costa Rican President Oscar Arias (pictured), Efe quoted.

"There is a simple difference between a dictator and a democrat. A democrat is set to create opposition if there is no one. A dictator, for his part, dreams of removing any dissent," the ruler, a laureate of 1987 Nobel Peace Prize, told local broadcaster Columbia.

Arias was at odds with the fact that Chavez will be able to rule by means of directives over the next 18 months.

The ruler pointed to "uprising over the past few years" in the hemisphere due to the comeback of "bossism and populism, which are Latin American diseases." In his opinion, they are inherent in the culture, history and way of thinking of the Latin American people.

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