Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Alunasa restarting operations, won't close

Hugo Chavez assures continued operations of plant

Venezuela-owned aluminum processing plant Alunasa (based in Costa Rica) is restarting operations after an agreement was reached between plant workers and Venezuelan officials.

Jesus Paredes, Venezuela's Vice-Minister for Basic Industries and Mining, explained that a group of Alunasa workers who visited Venezuela voiced their concerns during a meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who ensured continued operations with a focus on social issues.

Paredes stressed that Alunasa is resuming operations, "now focused on using aluminum as mechanism of integration between Latin American countries," official news agency ABN reported.

Paredes expects some changes to be introduced in Alunasa will allow the plant to work differently from other Central American companies "that are only pursuing profits, regardless of workers' living standards."

Furthermore, instead of closing the plant and moving it to another country, Paredes said that Venezuela plans to open more aluminum plants in countries like Nicaragua and Panama to cover the Central American and Caribbean market.

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