Friday, February 16, 2007

Chavez allegedly closing aluminum plant in Costa Rica amidst impasse with President Arias

Photo by La Nacion newspaper(El Universal) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is allegedly closing an aluminum processing plant Venezuela operates in Costa Rica because he is at odds with his Costa Rican counterpart Oscar Arias, who has slashed out at the Venezuelan ruler, Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion reported, as quoted by AFP.

According to La Nacion, workers with Venezuelan company CVG Alunasa forwarded a letter to Arias showing their concern about the likely shutdown of the 400-worker plant based in Esparza, 100 km west San Jose.

The report claimed that Chavez is moving the plant to another Central American country, most likely Panama or Nicaragua.

The mayor of Esparza -the town where Alunasa is one of the largest employers- said the plant for several days now has halted imports of aluminum for processing.

Chavez is allegedly "mad" at the statements Arias made on February 1st, when he said that the special ruling powers the Venezuelan Legislature gave Chavez early in February were "a denial of democracy."

Note from Tiquicia's Blog Web master:
My dislike of this Fidel Castro wannabe was previously merely political due to his dictatorial ways, but now this has become a personal thing. This control-freak clown has decided to mess with my country and I find that absurd and unacceptable.

If with this move Chavez is trying to intimidate his opponents and tell the world not to oppose or accuse him publicly, even if the accusations are true, because he will make them regret it, he is daydreaming.

If he was hoping this move was going to prove his strength and power, he is proving the opposite: he is just demonstrating how weak and insecure he really is.
With this move Chavez is proving to be nothing but an egotistical bastard that was so badly offended by the words of Arias that he needs to react in a "strong" way to prove to his countrymen and the world that he still is "the boss" in Venezuela.

I guess the power of the oil and the dictatorial privileges he has in his country weren't enough to soothe his offended ego, so he needs to leave over 400 Costa Rican families jobless to comfort himself.

What a great leader he is proving to be - not! Chavez tries to model himself and his country after 19th Century Venezuelan freedom fighter
Simon Bolivar and his ideals. Well, Bolivar must be throwing up if he is watching from Heaven how this lunatic has distorted his ideals.

I feel sorry for the Alunasa workers and their families, but I feel even worse for the future of the people of Venezuela, condemned to live under the brain-washing repression and control of such a short-sighted and delusional human being.

Thank God I'm not in Venezuela. If I was under Chavez tyrannical grip I probably would not be able to write this since there is no freedom of the press in Venezuela unless you agree to publish the views of the "great" Hugo Chavez.

In fact I think that by now I would probably be in jail or at least under investigation by government agents for
showing "disrespect" to government officials. But I promise that since I live in Costa Rica, and we are still a democracy, I will continue to denounce this joker whenever he tries to mess up with my country.

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