Saturday, February 24, 2007

Costa Rican Government rejects Chavez' statements

Costa Rican President: I have not offended Venezuela

The Costa Rican Government Wednesday dismissed as "inappropriate" the comments of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' on his Costa Rican counterpart Oscar Arias, reported DPA.

Likewise, Costa Rica announced that it would analyze "every possibility" in order to prevent a shut down of Venezuelan state-owned firm Alunasa.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Stagno and Minister of the Presidency Rodrigo Arias -brother of President Arias-, rejected strongly Chavez' remarks, who suggested that President Arias was showing "servility" to the United States policies.

Both Rodrigo Arias and Stagno ruled out that the aluminum plant shut down is due to "technical" instead of "political" reasons, as stated Wednesday by Chavez.

Arias Friday said, "I have not picked on the Venezuelan Government or offended anyone," but he warned that he would not remain quiet because of "blackmail or fears," reported DPA.

Arias, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, told a Nicaraguan TV channel that he does not want to argue with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who on Wednesday hinted that Arias was showing "servility" to the United States policies.

Chavez, who on Wednesday said that Arias "offended the Venezuelan people," was reacting to the strong criticisms the Costa Rican President made to the Venezuelan ruler regarding the special powers bestowed upon Chavez by the National Assembly

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