Friday, March 09, 2007

Bank of Costa Rica detects phishing scam

Officials said that about 150 Bank of Costa Rica account holders fell for the scam

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) - About 150 account holders of the Bank of Costa Rica fell for an Internet phishing scam and gave their personal information in response to a fraudulent e-mail that originated from China, officials said Friday.

The bank posted a warning on its Web site on Friday after detecting the scam late Thursday, officials said.

The bank told its customers not to respond to e-mails asking them to send their personal bank information and clients should always go to the official Web site.

Security expert Christian Vargas told the newspaper La Nacion that the e-mail, which had lifted code from the bank's Web site, originated from China.

La Nacion also reported that by Friday noon the bank had invalidated all the login information of its electronic account holders forcing them to choose a new password to access the bank's Web site.

Bank manager Mario Rivera said that they have not received any complaints from people who responded to the e-mail, but he said his institution was looking into any possible damage it may have caused and will compensate those affected.

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