Saturday, March 17, 2007

UN: Costa Rica a reforestation success

(La Nacion) - Forests around the world decreased 3 percent between 1990 and 2005. However, Costa Rica was one of the very few countries that can boast of a recovery of tree coverage. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization included this fact in a report on the world’s forests printed in Rome. The survey acknowledges that Costa Rica recovered a forest area amounting to 10 percent of its land in the last 20 years. Julio Calvo, from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, added that a survey by the University of Alberta, Canada, confirms the Costa Rica success in increasing the forested areas. (Photo: Carlos Hernandez/La Nacion/FILE)

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Erin said...

Now there's an achievement! I know CR is known for its ecotourism, but in today's world, that doesn't speak for much. Plenty of so-called eco destinations are more concerned with today's dollar than tomorrow's environment. So glad to know CR really believes in the principles behind green tourism. Costa Rica really is pura vida. :)

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