Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Costa Rica hosts regional aviation conference

Aviation experts from Central America, the Caribbean and South America are in Costa Rica for a conference aimed at improving air travel in Latin America, according to a statement from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT).

During the conference, which started yesterday and runs through Friday, participants will be discussing topics including air security, infrastructure, deficiencies in the planning and implementation of air travel and environmental challenges facing this industry, the statement said.

Their conclusions will be evaluated by the World Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization and could be included in a document the organization is preparing to update world norms for navigation of air space.

Viviana Martin (pictured), who serves as Costa Rica's Vice-Minister of Public Works as well as the president of Civil Aviation, is representing Costa Rica at the conference. She said in a statement that she is "honored" that Costa Rica was chosen to host the event.

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