Saturday, June 16, 2007

Costa Rica imposes visa on Jamaicans

Effective June 15, Jamaicans wishing to travel to Costa Rica will need to obtain visas.

However, Jamaicans who have valid visas to enter the United States or countries within Europe are excluded, the Costa Rican Embassy in Jamaica said.

The embassy further advised that all persons wishing to enter the Central American nation must have a valid certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

In applyingfor a visa, the following documents must be submitted: a police record; proof of vaccination against yellow fever (vaccine must be received 10 days prior to travel); valid passport (passport must have at least eight months' validity); job letter, if going to take up employment and bank statements.

Applicants in Jamaica should call the Costa Rican Embassy to make an appointment for an interview and bring supporting documents along with them.

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