Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Costa Rica escapes hurricane Felix's fury

By Uri Ridelman

Although the impact of hurricane Felix in Costa Rica was not as strong as expected, and no lives were lost, many floods and landslides were reported across the country.

On Tuesday Diario Extra newspaper reported that the Central Valley, where 56 rain-related incidents were reported, was the most affected area in the country. The Pacific coast, the northern zone and the Caribbean zone were also affected.

According to La Nacion newspaper what were probably the most dramatic moments took place in Bella Vista neighborhood in Golfito, where due to several landslides, 11 people had to be evacuted from their homes and taken to a shelter. Other cities around the area were also on alert due to the heavy rainfall.

The Red Cross reported that in the central Pacific zone, strong showers caused the Parrita river to grow and was threatening to flood the city of the same name.

In case any more evacuations were needed the National Emergency Comission (CNE) had over 200 shelters in the Pacific coast ready to be used.

According to CNE information damages to the Aguja river bridge interrupted the traffic between the towns of Rincon de Osa and Puerto Jimenez, Golfito.

Diario Extra reported that two landslides took place on Monday. One happened on the road between Limon and San Jose, and the other on the road between Turrialba and Siquirres. Landslides were also reported in Alajuela and Heredia.

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) said that the indirect effects of the hurricane will be felt until Thursday.

"The rain activity will fluctuate, but moderate to heavy rains can be expected all across the country," said to La Nacion newspaper Juan Carlos Fallas, sub-director of the IMN.

The CNE said that the yellow alert for all the national territory still is in effect, and the shelters and emergency response teams will remain vigilant in case there are more floods or landslides.

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