Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hemorrhagic dengue has become an epidemic in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica (La Nacion) - Costa Rican authorities confirmed Saturday that hemorrhagic dengue has become an epidemic in the country, killing two children and affecting 180 persons.

The Costa Rican Health Ministry reported that the quantity is 150 percent bigger that the one reported in 2006 when 72 persons were infected and 1533 percent higher than in 2004, with 11 cases only.

The two children died because of the mortal dengue hemorrhagic variant transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti's mosquito, confirmed Health Ministry Maria Luisa Avila on Saturday.

Nevertheless, the ministry investigate nine other suspicious deaths of dengue, most of them young adults.

The numbers of cases have increase because of the high sensitivity of the virus that has been for almost 14 years circulating in the country and those who suffered from classic dengue can be infected with this virus if the mosquito bit them with differently from the first one.

Hemorrhagic dengue is the most severe form that could be fatal if it is not adequately recognized and treated.

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