Sunday, October 14, 2007

Atenas body count totals 14

(Inside Costa Rica) - In total 14 bodies were recovered by search and rescue workers in the mud avalanche in El Bajo del Cacao, en San Isidro de Atenas.

The operations director for the Costa Rican Red Cross, Guillermo Arroyo, explained that the grueling task was completed in the face of the constant rain and mud slides that made their work near to impossible.

Arroyo said he feels for the families of the victims who were buried alive by mud in the early Thursday morning avalanche that destroyed 7 homes in its path.

The mudslide engulfed a complex housing the families of poor farm workers. It was the worst weather disaster in the Central American country for years.

Arroyo added that the search and rescue efforts ended with reports that all the missing persons had been found, though the Red Cross will continue to offer help to those families in need.

The emergency commission committee listed the names and ages of the dead: Debora Ovares, 10; Maria Agüero Corella, 36; Arquimedes Aviles Morales, 40; Luis Andrey Aviles Beita, 21; Maria Cecilia Barrios Viquez, 39; Epifanio Solorzano Villalobos, 55; Adelina Luz Sibaja Perez, 78; Sara Ovares Agüero, 22; Jefrey Agüero Artavia, 22; Darwin Palacios, 35; Francisco Zelaya Rivera, 32; Harlem Osorio Quintero, 20; and Agustín Reyes Calero, 25.

Parrita on the western Pacific coast was also flooded when rain-swollen rivers burst their banks.

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