Thursday, November 01, 2007

Iron Maiden's summer tour to include Costa Rica

The British heavy metal band Iron Maiden announced their visit to Costa Rica for the first as part of a massive 21 city tour that kicks off in India and ends in Canada.

The show in Costa Rica will be on February 26, 2008 at Ricardo Saprissa stadium in Tibas. Ticket prices have yet to be announced.

The band is known for their outlandish shows that requires a Boeing 757 to carry the 12 tons of equipment and the 70 person crew.

The tour (Somewhere Back In Time) will open in Mumbai, India on Feb 1, and continue through Australia, Japan, Los Angeles and Mexico, followed by the band's first ever concerts in Costa Rica and Colombia, and then on to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rica and New York, before finishing in Toronto, Canada, on March 16th.

Over the 45 day period it is anticipated that Maiden will play to well over 400,000 fans in 21 cities in 10 countries, flying close to 50,000 miles in the specially refitted plane.

Map of the tour

Iron Maiden's plane

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