Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Costa Rica establishes diplomatic relations with Palestine

Jorge Urbina, Costa Rica's permanent representative to the U.N (UN Photo/Evan Schneider)(Tico Times) - Costa Rica announced yesterday that it recognized Palestinian statehood and signed a bilateral accord with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to "strengthen" the governments' diplomatic relationship.

The arrival of a Palestinian ambassador is imminent, the statement said.

"The government of Costa Rica and the State of Palestine, in the hopes of promoting and strengthening their existing friendship and cooperation, have decided to establish diplomatic relations," said the press release from the Foreign Ministry, quoting a joint communique issued by both Palestinian and Costa Rican administrations.

"The government of Costa Rica and the State of Palestine" – the statement repeated – "reaffirm their mutual support of and commitment to the principles and proposals of the United Nations Charter and the norms of international law, particularly in the promotion of peace and international security, the respect for sovereignty and independence of states and the non-intervention in their internal affairs."

Costa Rica's fresh relations with the PNA is the latest step in the Central American nation's charm offensive in the Arab world, which has seen new Costa Rican embassies in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Yemen. These form part of the 15 new ties grown during the administration of President Oscar Arias since May 2006.

The decision "deepens our gradual normalization of diplomatic relations with the Arab and Islamic world, as part of a foreign policy of opening borders, geographically and mentally, which reinforces an intelligent insertion of Costa Rica in the world," said Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno, according to the release.

The agreement took place yesterday morning at Costa Rica's Permanent Mission to the U.N. office in New York, with signatories Jorge Urbina, this country's permanent representative to the U.N., and Riyad Mansour, of the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine of the United Nations.


Anonymous said...

I was not aware of such a state. I'll look it up in my Geography book.

Uri R. said...

I agree, let me know if you find it...

Honestly, I was baffled by this move by the Arias administration.

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