Friday, February 15, 2008

Costa Rican women can now remarry within 300 days

San Jose, Costa Rica (AP) - Costa Rica's Constitutional Court struck down a law on Thursday that required women to wait 300 days to remarry after divorce.

Lawyer Kattia Umana challenged the law as sexist because the same rule did not apply to men.

Under the law, women were allowed to remarry within 300 days of a divorce only if two medical doctors confirm that they are not pregnant, or if they give birth within the restricted time period.

The law was designed to protect fathers' parental rights. But the court determined that there are other ways, such as DNA testing, of settling paternity disputes.

Congress now must change the law, and lawmakers are expected to act within the next few days.

Note: This was a historic day not only because of the law change but because for the first time ever the court allowed oral testimony, usually no such audiences are granted. Furthermore the case resolution was reached just 30 minutes after the session ended, a record time.

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Felix Chapel said...

This is encouraging judicial and social progress for the country.

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