Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israeli ambassador tries to soothe relations with Costa Rica

(Photo by Jose Diaz / La Nacion)San Jose, Costa Rica (La Nacion) - The Israeli ambassador Ehud Eitam, tried to soothe the likely deterioration of the relations between his country and Costa Rica, resulting from the establishment of relations between the Central American nation and the Palestinian Authority.

The possibility of deterioration emerged when Arye Mekel, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry, announced the cancellation of a bilateral meeting to be held in Costa Rica and asked to meet with Costa Rica's representative in Tel Aviv in order to express the dissapointment that exists regarding Costa Rica’s regrettable decision.

Ambassador Eitam, however, said that Israel and Costa Rica have had very good relations since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and this friendship is present at every level of the Israeli and Costa Rican societies

Eitam expressed his wishes that the excellent and extraordinary friendship between the nations and peoples of Costa Rica and Israel will continue for many more years and he added that his country respects Costa Rica's decision of establishing relationships with moderate Arab countries.

In 2006 Costa Rica moved its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Since then Costa Rica has steadily rebuilt its relations with moderate Arab nations and resumed diplomatic relations with countries such as Egypt and Jordan among others.

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