Thursday, May 22, 2008

Doctors tell Oscar Arias to rest voice

San Jose, Costa Rica (AP) — Doctors have ordered Costa Rican President Oscar Arias not to talk for a month due to a cyst on his vocal cords, his office said Wednesday.

Arias, a 67-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner, had been losing his voice for several weeks and traveled Tuesday to be examined at the Philadelphia Ears, Nose and Throat Associates medical center, his office said in a statement.

The doctors found he had a nonmalignant cyst on his vocal cords and advised him against talking for a month. If he does not improve after that, doctors will evaluate the need for surgery, his office said.

Arias was expected to return to Costa Rica on Saturday. The president has suffered from several medical problems since taking office in 2006.

In April, muscular pain in his lumbar region forced him to cancel several activities. He suffered from tendinitis in August 2007.

Arias won the Nobel Peace Price in 1987 for helping broker an end to Central America's civil wars.

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