Monday, June 30, 2008

Citizen appeals vehicular restriction to Constitutional Court

(Inside Costa Rica) - In typical Costa Rican fashion, a "recurso de amparo" (an appeal) has been made against the expanded vehicular restriction of San Jose. A Costa Rican identified only by his last name, Ulloa, made the appeal to the Constitutional Court.

Ulloa, in his appeal, says that the government directive that established the expanded boundaries infringe on the right of free transit and causes delays on his getting to work on time.

The man who is a vendor says in his filing that he cannot visit half of his clients when he needs to, a situation that affects him economicaly and places his job at risk.

The claim continues in criticizing the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes (MOPT) for not having a plan developed for a secure public transportation system, saying the government has failed in developing a concrete and real public transportation alternative that is secure and efficient.

Ulloa adds that the government has also failed to implement a work hour shift for public and private institutions and that the current measure has been implemented without carrying out an analysis that it will in fact reduce gasoline consumption, one of the main points of the government's plan for action.

While waiting for the Sala Constitucional (Constitutional Court) to hear the appeal, the restrictions continue and today applies to all vehicles with the last digit of the license plate ending in 1 an 2.

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Erin said...

I wish I could be more compassionate, but he sounds like a whiny baby to me. First of all, if half of his clients are affected by a one-day no driving restriction, the simple solution is to deliver on a different day. After all, he can drive the other 6 days of the week. Secondly, on the whole, the buses are not unsafe, but if he really needs to deliver on the one restricted day, and he won't take a bus, then anything he could physically take on a bus, he can take in a taxi.

Problem solved.

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