Monday, June 09, 2008

Limon - San Jose Route closed due to landslides

Route 32, the Braulio Carrillo highway that leads to the Caribbean coast, is closed due to landslides following Sunday's torrential rains.

Two major landslides were reported at kilometer 43, 200 metres from the Rio Sucio bridge. The other landslide occurred at kiloemtre 52, one kilometre before Rio Frio in the area known as Las Minas.

Some 300 vehicles were trapped between the two landslides for more than 3 hours before work crews could open temporary passage. Many, got of the buses and decided to walk.

Although machinery has been working around the clock to clear the mud and debris, the highway is closed and the alternate route through Turrialba is recommended for travel between Limon and San Jose.

The southern Interamerican Highway continues closed as traffic between San Jose and the Southern Zone has to continue to detour through Quepos and Dominical.

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