Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Costa Rica jails three Iraqis in fake passport case

(Photo: Francisco Barrantes / La Nacion)San Jose, Costa Rica (IHT) - Authorities say three Iraqi men have been jailed in Costa Rica on suspicion of using false passports.

The Attorney General's office said Tuesday the men flew from Costa Rica to Guatemala using fake travel documents from Greece, Great Britain and the former Yugoslavia. All were refused entry and were returned to Costa Rica, where authorities detained them Monday.

Costa Rican law allows them to be held for three months while they are being investigated on the false documents charge, a crime punishable up to six years in prison.
A statement from the prosecutor's office did not name the men.


dan said...

Hmmm... thats interesting. Do you think these people were on their way to the US? A major terrorist attack may have just been avoided. Or not.

Uri R. said...

I don't think so dan. Authorities have not released any official information since an investigation is taking place, but initial reports seem to indicate that none of them are wanted on terrorism charges. It seems they were just passing by and trying to enter the U.S to work and live there as illegal immigrants. A Polish individual also was arrested with these men and he's wanted for kidnapping of a minor. I'll post more on this later once authorities release more info.

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