Monday, July 14, 2008

Starbucks will continue to buy Costa Rican coffee

Despite the fact that coffee shop giant Starbucks has announced it will close 600 underperforming stores, it will continue buying gourmet Costa Rican coffees. According to Carlos Vargas, deputy manager of Coopetarrazu, and Roberto Mata, manager of Coopedota, two cooperatives from which Starbucks currently buys mountain-grown beans, the US chain of coffee stores has not given any indication in reducing purchases. “Our product is key to their blends. I found out in Switzerland, at Starbucks’ purchase center, that our sales are not going to suffer,” Mata said. Coopedota annually sells 15,000 quintals and Coopetarrazu 40,000 of the 100-lb bags of coffee to Starbucks.

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