Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nery Brenes: Costa Rica's biggest Olympic hope

Costa Rican sprinter Nery Brenes is Costa Rica's biggest olympic hope since three-time olympic medallist Claudia Poll.

Brenes will compete in the men's 400-meter event and even though his odds of winning a medal are slim he's our country's biggest and most realistic chance of winning any medal at all.

Brenes, from the Caribbean province of Limon, was recently featured by the BBC in the "Against the Odds" series, where they portray athletes that reached the Olympic Games only after overcoming huge obstacles.

In Nery's case, and as the BBC wrote, he "struggled for years to get the funding to race professionally."

Here's Brenes personal information and his career achievements:

Nery Brenes Profile:
Date of Birth: Sep. 25 1985
Height(cm/ft in): 174cm / 5'9"
Weight(kg/lbs): 66 kg / 145 lbs
Place of Birth: Limon
Sport: Athletics
Event: Men's 400m

Nery Brenes' competition highlights
2007 World Championships
Semifinal 400m
Osaka, Japan
Time: 45.14

2007 NACAC Championships
3rd place in the 400m event
San Salvador, El Salvador
Time: 46.00

2008 Golden League
3rd place in the 400m event
Oslo, Norway
Time: 45.21

2008 World Indoor Championships
4th place in the 400m event
Valencia, Spain
Time: 46.65

To read the BBC story on Brenes and watch the accompanying video click here.

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