Saturday, August 23, 2008

Serial killer might be on the loose in Costa Rica

Police detectives observe the body of a murder victim that was found near the Tobias Bolanos Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, August 20, 2008. Costa Rican authorities are trying to determine if four recent murder cases were commited by the same person. (Photo: Francisco Rodriguez/La Nacion)By Uri Ridelman

Costa Rican authorities are investigating whether four murder cases have any connection and were commited by the same individual after eery similarities were found at the crime scenes.

All the victims have been killed near the 19th day of the month, with a shot to the head, the bodies abandoned in places where it's easy to find them and the crimes have all taken place in the Western area of San Jose.

Also the victims had valuables and cash with them, which leads police to believe that robbery was not the motive in these cases.

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