Sunday, September 14, 2008

Colombians blamed for increased violence in Costa Rica

Francisco Dall'Anesse(Inside Costa Rica) - Costa Rica's Attorney General, Francisco Dall'Anese, told Caracol Radio that Colombians are displacing the drug cartels of Central America and Costa Rica is the most vulnerable country because there has never been an aggressive delinquency.

"Thus they have a paradise to do their business", added Costa Rica's attorney general.

Dall'Anese says that Costa Rica's tranquil tourist paradise has been invaded by Colombian "narcos" (drug traffickers), motorcycle assassins and guerillas, as crackdowns in the region send organized crime fleeing for more friendly waters.

Dall'Anese said he has formally requested training assistance from his Colombian counterpart, Mario IguarĂ¡n, as Costa Rica has no experience in protecting victims, witnesses and dignitaries, and in bringing cases against organized crime.

While the Colombian rebel group FARC has a presence in Costa Rica, it is down compared to to recent years. Drug trafficking activity, however, is on the rise.

Costa Rica seized only three tons of cocaine in 2005 and more than 70 in the last 18months.

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