Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chinese president to visit Costa Rica in November

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AFP)- Chinese Premier Hu Jintao will visit Costa Rica in November, the foreign ministry said in a statement Thursday, without specifying a date.

Local media said the Chinese leader would arrive Nov. 17 for the highest-level visit by a Chinese official to the Central American country.

The government said it would be "a good occasion to ratify close links of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect reinforced since June 1, 2007, when the two countries established diplomatic relations," according to the statement.

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias visited Beijing shortly after the deal, in October 2007.

Costa Rica broke off more than 60 years of relations with Taiwan in its move toward China.

Taiwan has seen its number of allies dwindle over the years, as competition for supporters with rival China heats up. The two have been accused of using so- called "dollar diplomacy" to get nations to ally with them.

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