Wednesday, November 19, 2008

6.2 quake strikes Costa Rica-Panama border

Graphic by La Nacion newspaperSan Jose, Costa Rica (AP) - A 6.2 earthquake has struck overnight on the frontier between Panama and Costa Rica, shaking people in their beds but causing no damage or injuries. Costa Rica's earthquake observatory says the quake struck just after midnight Wednesday, about 15 miles (25 kms) deep. Its epicenter was 7 miles (12 kms) north of the Panamanian frontier town of Puerto Armuelles. Red Cross officials say the quake felt quite strong but there were no injuries or casualties to report. Some border towns, however reported damage. At Ciudad Neily Hospital, where eight surgeries had to be suspended, a water tank and shelves fell over according to the daily La Nacion.


Sicilian said...

We were awake in our hotel room in Jaco . . . . . we did not know how strong the quake was until reading your post.
Love your blog. . . am subscribing as well as adding it to my favorites.

Uri R. said...

Thanks for your kind comments, I am glad you like my blog. Thanks for linking from your blogs, I have seen them and they are very nice too. I will link back to some of them soon.

Pura vida!

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